Who should I contact?

Helping to make things run smoothly at Prince Henry is everyone’s responsibility. For example, if you suspect a crime has been committed, see graffiti, vandalism, street lights not working, landscaping in need of attention, illegal dumping of rubbish, etc, it will be more effective for you to alert the appropriate authority directly, rather than reporting an incident to the Community Association or its managing agent. However, it would be useful if you could also advise your strata scheme or neighbourhood association managing agent who will liaise with the CA Managing Agent, so that your action is noted for discussion by the CA executive committee. Lot owners not included in a strata scheme or neighbourhood association should contact the CA Managing Agent.

If you report a problem as soon as you suspect something is not as it should be, you’ll be doing your bit to help maintain the security and appeal of Prince Henry at Little Bay. Go to the Report a problem page where you'll find a comprehensive list of who to contact for a particular issue.

If the answer to your question is not listed on one of the three FAQ pages, please complete the feedback form below.

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