Aussie Day barbecue 2017

09 March 2017

Aussie Day at Bob-a-Day Park was, as always, a fun afternoon with an abundance of fine food, copious quantities of beverages of choice and wonderful company. There were familiar faces and some not so much, which added to the fun. Everyone had a great time. 

Mary and Julian Ugarte were up at the crack of dawn to spit roast several legs of lamb, which they shared with everyone at the barbecue. There was certainly plenty of Aussie lamb to go around.

Shane Marshall raced down to Bob-a-Day early on to secure the usual spot and to install a barbecue and large table for general use.

Of course, there was no chance of anyone going hungry or thirsty. As well as their beverage of choice, everyone brought along some yummy dishes for all to share. So much food! So much fun!

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