Community Association

At Prince Henry, all owners are part of a community scheme known as Community Association DP270427 (CA) constituted under s.25 of the Community Land Development Act 1989. The CA is not a strata scheme. The NSW government established our CA recognising the site’s cultural and heritage significance.

The CA operates in a similar way to an owners corporation or strata scheme for an apartment block. It oversees the management of broader ‘whole of project’ objectives and initiatives on behalf of its members. 

The Prince Henry community management statement sets out the rules that cover the entire site. CA by-laws are similar to those for a strata scheme and registered at the NSW Department of Lands in a similar way. The CA by-laws cannot be overridden by member strata scheme by-laws.

The CA enters into agreements for services and responsibilities in accordance with its  Prince Henry community management statement, covering certain landscaping, access ways and roads, and some street lighting. 

The CA's only asset (common property) is Lot 1. Located on Jenner Street, Lot 1 houses the Pivit communications equipment. The CA is responsible for managing and maintaining this asset.

The CA is not a consent authority. However, the CA works together with the relevant consent authority (if required) to uphold the Prince Henry Design Principles and Randwick Council's Development Control Plan for Prince Henry. The Prince Henry Design Principles is a concise overview of the more detailed Prince Henry Design Guidelines established as part of the original master plan.

Proposed alterations or additions to completed buildings or developments, for example colour changes, signage, transmitting or receiving devices, screens, pergolas and awnings, must be approved by the relevant neighbourhood association or strata scheme, where there is one, and should then be submitted to the CA for consideration before applying to the relevant consent authority (generally Randwick Council) for approval to proceed. The CA is also responsible for ensuring strata and neighbourhood associations maintain their lots to a reasonable standard.

The NSW Office of Fair Trading publication Living in a community scheme provides a general overview of how a community scheme works. The Prince Henry Community management statement is a key document containing by-laws, plans and other information that details the way in which our specific community scheme operates.

Prince Henry Community Association structure

Community Association Annual General Meetings

General Meeting Agendas and Minutes

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 Prince Henry CA DP 270427 structure

The CA comprises several strata schemes, neighbourhood associations, and individual owners* as illustrated below:

Community Association structure

* Individual lot owners are those that are not members of a neighbourhood association or strata scheme.

 Community Association Annual General Meetings

The Community Association must convene an Annual General Meeting each year. Any person entitled to vote at a general meeting can ask for a motion to be put on the agenda for a general meeting. A notice of meeting including minutes of the previous AGM is issued to all lot owners before the meeting. All lot owners are encouraged to attend the AGM but may only speak if invited to do so by the executive committee.

For details of the next meeting go to the CA Questions page.

 General Meetings NOM, Agenda and Minutes*

SGM 13 February 2018 NOM and agenda

AGM 13 December 2016 NOM and agenda

AGM 8 December 2015 minutes

AGM 8 December 2015 NOM and agenda

SGM 13 July 2015 minutes

SGM 13 July 2015 NOM and agenda

AGM 9 December 2014 minutes

AGM 9 December 2014 NOM and agenda

AGM 10 December 2013 minutes

AGM 10 December 2013 NOM and agenda

AGM 13 December 2012 minutes

AGM 15 December 2011 minutes

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