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 Executive Committee meetings

Go to the Executive Committee page for a full list of dates and venues.

 Ability Links — Helping people with disability fulfil their goals, hopes and dreams

Ability Links supports individuals who identify as living with a disability and/or mental illness (aged 0-64) to be valued and active members of their local community. We also work with family and carers (that can be outside ages 0-64).

Linkers focus on empowering people to make their own decisions, building their confidence and skills to achieve their goals. These primarily include social, recreational and employment goals. 

Our service is entirely FREE and flexible, and features no referral process and no formal diagnosis. 

Alongside supporting individuals, we have a focus on making our communities more inclusive and accessible. This could be through providing disability awareness training, improving physical accessibility, or facilitating community discussions about inclusion for people with disability.

To find out more contact Lilia Londono, St Vincent de Paul Society NSW – Ability Links East Sydney team:

 La Perouse Public School is currently taking enrolments for 2018 | June 2017

Matthew Jackman, Principal of La Perouse Public School has the following message for Little Bay residents:

With a school catchment area comprising La Perouse, Philip Bay and Little Bay, and an increase in young families within the area we are hoping to attract enough students to fill a kindergarten class in 2018.

Having spoken to many people within the community, particularly Little Bay, I understand there is reluctance from some families to send their children to our school for a variety of reasons.

The message I would like to convey to the local community is that my staff and I are committed to working with all families within our catchment area to provide a high quality education for all children. Local Schools, Local decisions, part of the Department of Education reforms agenda, allows me the flexibility to work closely with the community to create a school that we can all be proud of, and this is a goal I am committed to achieving. We have a great opportunity to build our school numbers and to form a lasting partnership with parents and community while providing excellence in education for our students.

We have set aside the first Tuesday of each month for scheduled walk throughs and discussions about our programs. Please contact the School on 02 9311 2210 if you would like to discuss anything further.

Matthew Jackman, Principal
La Perouse Public School
Yarra Road, La Perouse NSW 2036

T: 02 9311 2210

 Beverley Toohey's Cochlear Implant Story | June 2017

At the end of June 2016 83 year old Beverley Toohey received a cochlear implant. Beverley has written a detailed account of her experiences before and after the surgery. She says, 'I'm hoping my story helps others as loss of hearing is a major problem for all ages'. 

Beverley's story begins:

All my life I abhorred loud music (concerts), blaring radio whether in the car or at home and TV that could be heard outside or far away. So I wondered why my hearing loss presented itself during my working days in 1998. Subsequently and after discussions with various audiologists it was ascertained that my job as Personal Assistant to a CEO of an importing company and his constant use of a Dictaphone which often caused me to switch to full volume, was probably the cause. So I proceeded on a long journey of being fitted with hearing aids. Well known brands (Perseo, Phonak, Siemens, Oticon and finally Resound) a costly exercise.

Read Beverley's comprehensive and fascinating account of her experience with hearing loss leading to her cochlear implant surgery in June 2016.

 How does tissue elasticity change during childhood and adolescence? | Calling for research study volunteers — April 2017 

Volunteers aged 5-18 needed!

Researchers at Neuroscience Research Australia are studying how the elasticity (or stiffness) of brain tissues change during childhood and adolescence. The imaging technique of MRI is being used to measure tissue elasticity. This study has received ethical approval from the UNSW HREC, HC reference number HC17077. 

If you and your child would be interested in this study, we would ask you to travel to Neuroscience Research Australia in Randwick to have an MRI scan. Testing will take approximately one hour and you will receive a one-off payment of $50 to cover your travel costs and time. 

More information

For more information, or if you are interested in participating, please

Visit: The Neura website

Email Jade Yeung:

 Standing Tall | A research study for the over 70s | February 2017

Neuroscience Research Australia and the University of NSW would like to invite you to participate in an exciting research study, called Standing Tall. 

We have developed a novel, individual and engaging exercise program for people over 70 years of age delivered conveniently through an iPad in your own home. 

What does the Standing Tall study involve?  

  • You will be asked to do balance exercises in your home, in your own time, using the Standing Tall program for 24 months. You do not need to own an iPad or have experience using one. 
  • We will give you an iPad for the duration of the study and visit you at your home to teach you how to use it.  

What makes this balance program different from others? 

Standing Tall has been designed especially for older adults to improve balance skills. 

Some of its key features are:  

  • Standing Tall is convenient: You can exercise in your own home, at your own time. 
  • Standing Tall is individualised: The exercises are tailored to your abilities and progressed at your own pace. 
  • Standing Tall is motivating: It gives you feedback on your progress and has a great variety of exercises specially designed to improve your balance!  

More information

Visit: The Neura website

Contact Jessica Chow:  

We would love to hear from you!

 Chifley Public School | Invest just $30 or $40 and help our important fundraising initiative | November 16

Chifley Public School's P&C Committee is extending an invitation to past and present families and community members. You can leave a lasting memory from your time at Chifley Public School and help the school's important fundraising initiatives. For as little as $30 or $40 you can buy an engraved paver. To find out more, check out the order form.

Below is a letter issued recently by the Chifley Public School P&C Committee:

Dear Parents, Carers and friends of Chifley Public School, 

Our dedicated P&C would like to inform you of our new fundraising campaign. 

We are inviting families to purchase these beautifully engraved pavers as a way to celebrate your connection with Chifley Public School! 

Please see the order form as there are two options available: 

  1. a classic named paver | $30
  2. a personalised hand-drawn paver | $40

They will be installed in school grounds as we have earmarked several locations at our entry points, to proudly display them and you may order as many as you like.

Over the years, many parents, grandparents and community members have volunteered tirelessly throughout our school. We feel these pavers would be a wonderful way to acknowledge their involvement and a lasting legacy for students past and present. 

Details on how to order are included in the order form and please extend this invitation to anyone who may be interested. 

Should you need further information please contact the school on 02 9661 3014. 

Kind Regards

Chifley P & C Committee

 Have Your Say on National Parks Management at La Perouse | Close date 23 October 2016

The National Parks Plan of Management for Kamay Botany Bay National Park which was written in 2000 is now being revised. You can have your say on priorities for the new plan.

If you would like to see improved facilities, better access and conservation of key sites at La Perouse then let National Parks know by completing the survey available on the La Perouse website by Sunday 23 October 2016.

 Randwick Council Waste Management Project | October 2016

Council's waste management program includes working with strata schemes to increase the correct use of bins, reduce the amount of illegal dumping in and around larger apartment buildings and generally improve waste management processes.

Below are some details regarding the program Council is running. Please note, may be a limit on the number of apartment blocks that we can work with initially due to resources.

Participation in the program is free

The building will receive:

  • A waste inspection from Council to identify improvements to waste management in common areas to encourage residents to use waste systems correctly
  • Continued support through Council.

Council will:

  • Conduct a site inspections and waste audits to determine issues
  • Provide a tailored plan with improvement actions such as providing information to residents regarding not dumping, how to recycle properly and any other methods that may help
  • Implement improvement actions
  • Conduct follow up site inspections and waste audits to determine success of improvement actions.

Various printed material is available to assist the success of this project, including:

  • Stickers for the various bins:
    — red lid for household rubbish that can't be recycled
    — yellow lid for recycling glass, plastic containers (codes 1-7), aluminium and steel containers, paper and cardboard
    — green lid for garden waste such as grass clippings, flowers, leaves, shrubs and prunings, small branches, twigs and weeds
  • Posters for affixing to notice boards
  • Leaflets for letter box drops

Find out how your strata scheme can participate in this project

Residents can obtain posters, brochures and bin stickers from Council. A phone call to arrange pick up or delivery is a good idea.

Contact Tara Howard
Sustainability and Strategic Waste Project Officer| Sustainability and Strategic Waste

T: 02 9093 6225
F: 02 9315 7266

 Proposed ferry services from La Perouse a fantastic opportunity | Opinion piece 27 July 2016

As a resident in Little Bay, I think the proposed ferry services from La Perouse is a fantastic opportunity to promote the area as well as provide a real tourist (local and regional) attraction to our peninsula.

It is also a great opportunity to use such development to educate our children (and others) about cultural linkage for the local aboriginal community as well as the arrival of the first fleet.

The businesses in the area could also be greatest advantaged. I do not think that parking will be an issue. There are excellent bus services all down Anzac Pde and the buses run regularly. There are no parking facilities at Circular Quay either.

I'd be happy to support such a project and provide resources if needed.

Oliver Slobodetsky
Jenner Street, Little Bay
M: 0411 215 318 

 Light Rail significantly reducing public transport capacity | Opinion piece June 2016

Transport for NSW finally provided proof that the Light Rail is nearly halving public transport capacity between Kingsford/Randwick and Central/Circular Quay vs the buses it removes. Following Elizabeth Farrelly's article in the SMH on May 19 TfNSW were forced to state exactly how many passengers the '220 buses to be removed from entering the CBD in the am peak hour' could actually carry. 

Read Elizabeth Farrelly's article:

TfNSW's answer was around 16,000 passengers entering the city. The light rail, in contrast, manages just 6,750 made up of 15 services @ 450 passengers a service. Of the 220 buses, 180 travel through Kingsford/Randwick providing slightly more than 13,000 passenger/hour capacity. 

Some bus capacity to Circular Quay has already been removed. 

Last October the 376 Maroubra Beach to Circular Quay service was changed with it becoming instead a service to Central alone. The 391 was also changed to terminate at Central instead of going into the city. The 339 ceased to operate in the morning peak to Circular Quay and was replaced with the 338 to Central. 

For more information take a look at or contact Andrew Roydhouse, Community Rep — CSELR Kensington, Kingsford & Randwick on T: 02 9398 1667. Andrew would be happy to conduct a five minute presentation on the light rail for those interested. 

NOTE: Andrew says that all of his information comes directly from TfNSW or media releases by the NSW Transport Minister. 

 Operation Crayweed — Restoring Sydney's underwater reefs | 15 December

I am a marine ecologist working at UNSW and wanted to let you know about a project we are working on which involves research at the gorgeous Little Bay site.

It's called Operation Crayweed and our website is:

The project aims to restore Sydney's underwater reefs. In particular, we want to bring back crayweed, an important seaweed that supports crays and abalone, as well as many other important critters!

This is a good news environmental story, as our research has already shown that we can successfully bring crayweed back at small scales. Our campaign now aims to scale up and bring crayweed back to the whole of Sydney.  

Here's a link to our crowdfunding site (open until January 31st), which has been hugely popular so far:

Our video where we explain the project is here:

Our project has already been on the media as well — here are some links:

Adriana Verges
T: 02 93852110 

 Great Little Bay BBQ cook-off | 7 November 

Yulia and Christian Hirl moved to Prince Henry in September 2013, relocating to Sydney for Christian's job. Yulia is Russian and Christian is German. Their two children were born in Turkey. What an amazing culturally diverse family!

The inspiration behind the ‘Great Little Bay BBQ Cookoff' was three families mutual fascination with TV cooking competitions. Yulia, Christian, and their neighbours decided it would be fun to establish a cooking competition on a local level. As this was just a small group of friends, planning took just two to three weeks. Nevertheless, each of the three couples had aprons, voting cards, rules and regulations. Nothing was left to chance. They agreed to restrict the size of the gathering to  three families, as Yulia and Christian's terrace in Brodie Avenue might not have been able to accommodate more people. There were three couples, a grandmother and seven children. 

Each participant brought their own ingredients and prepared their sumptuous offerings on the barbecue.

This is a fantastic initiative by a small group of Prince Henry residents. On a larger scale, it could become a future 'all of community activiity'. Yulia suggests that there could be a barbecue or cooking competition organised in premises of Piccola Baia or Site Pizza, with participants paying an entrance fee and competing for a prize provided by a sponsor.

Any volunteers willing to take on the organisation of an 'all of community' cooking challenge for next year? Contact the web team.

 Website feedback | 19 October

The following is an extract from a web enquiry and feedback:

Comment (extract)

'...Generally I feel that the website could contain more info for the younger demographics - young parents/families - or have a section where all this content is grouped together.'

Our response (extract)

As you may know, the website is run by a small group of volunteers, relying on contributions from the community for the much of the content. Sadly, we don't have roving reporters. 

...We'd be happy to create a section for the younger demographic but would of course need someone to provide information (and images if available) each month on upcoming events, previous gatherings, etc, to keep the section alive. 

Volunteer/s needed

We'd love to have a new section dedicated to the younger demographic and would happily work with anyone volunteering to take stewardship of that section. We'd help volunteer/s create initial content, upload, and publish as required. And then, each month we'd send an email reminder for contributions for the newsletter and updates for the web section. This could be linked to a (yet to be created) Facebook page if desired. 

If you'd like to participate in the Prince Henry Community website, please contact the web team or complete the Feedback form at the foot of this page. 

 Pine Cottage Child Care in Little Bay | October 2015

You may be aware that a DA was submitted to Council some time ago to enable Pine Cottage to be architecturally refurbished to become a child care centre. 

An amendment to the original DA was lodged recently to address the perceived problems raised by some residents, applying a more conservative approach, retaining the single level, and maintaining respect for the heritage nature of the building.

The Pine Cottage Child Care team is committed to providing the highest quality care, while delivering a service that ensures children grow and develop in a safe, warm, exciting and nurturing environment. Extracurricular activities include music, language and sports. The refurbished design provides innovative indoor and outdoor play areas.

The centre will operate Monday to Friday, for children aged 0-6 years.

Traffic consultants have assessed the area and Council has allocated a few short stay parking spaces in front of the property. The consultants have indicated that these spots, together with additional spaces located on a number of surrounding streets, will allow ample parking for existing residents as well as visitors to the area, with a minimal, if any, impact to residential amenity.

Check out the Q and A, which has been compiled by the Pine Cottage Child Care team to address perceived concerns on parking, traffic congestion, noise, and a range of other issues.

You can view the amended DA (ref: DA / 83 / 2015), together with traffic, parking, and noise impact statements on Randwick City Council's website.

The Pine Cottage Child Care team would love to hear from you, whether you have a concern, need more information, or would like to register your support:

Pine Cottage Child Care Centre

Pine Cottage
19 Pine Avenue, Little Bay, NSW 2036

 Keep your pets inside, particularly at night | August 2015...

...and report feral and pest animal sightings to Randwick Council.

Story #1

The Prince Henry bushcare group meets monthly to remove invasive weeds from Lot 21 (bounded by Gubbuteh Road, Millard Drive and Millard Lane). At their July Saturday morning working bee, they discovered two blue tongue lizards sunning themselves, hidden from predators under a thin covering of fallen leaves (see image at right). Blue tongues help to keep down the number of snails and plant-eating insects. ​

There is evidence of previous fox habitation on Lot 21 and later in the day, one of the group saw a large feral cat close to where the lizards had been seen. These encounters made the group aware of how difficult it must be for our beautiful native reptiles and small marsupials to survive in our urbanised environment.

If you have a cat please don't allow it to roam into the local bushland and, if you see feral cats or foxes, please report the sightings to Randwick Council

Robyn Alexander, bushcare volunteer
Little Bay | M: 0407 991 296

Story #2

At the weekend, in the bushcare area (Lot 21 on Gubbuteh Road) I found the remains of a magpie that had been caught by either a cat or a fox (see image at right). The birdsong at dusk in Lot 21 has been beautiful and it is heartbreaking to see the damage these predators are doing.

Peter Fagan, bushcare volunteer
Little Bay | E:

 Bad form to congratulate pollies! | July 2015

Email received from a concerned resident

I think it is bad form to congratulate politicians in a community newsletter, no matter what party they belong to. The community should be apolitical.

John Selby | Little Bay 

Response from web team

Apologies if you were offended by our congratulations of Matt and family. It was certainly not meant as a sign of political affiliation, merely recognition of and respect for a joyful occasion for a local family. The website and newsletter has always endeavoured to be apolitical and will continue to do so. If we failed on this occasion then, again, we apologise.

Prince Henry Community Web Team 

 Randwick City Council | Fit For The Future | Opinion Piece 12 May 2015

Dear residents 

I attended IPART Sydney forum yesterday. I wanted to say tongue in cheek "if pharmaceutical companies conducted surveys like Randwick Council did the FFTF survey, and if the TGA accepted the outcomes of such surveys, then we probably would see ice on PBS for treatment of depression" − I decided not to.
I did however ask a question about the FFTF survey. I told the panel that as recently as a week ago, when we asked a Councillor "is no change an option" he could not give a straight yes or no answer. I said that if the pollster did not know, the residents surely cannot be expected to make an informed choice. I asked how important the community view is in IPART's assessment of Council's proposal.
IPART Chair disqualified himself from responding as a resident of Randwick and passed the microphone to the Secretary. You can see why I did not have to wait for the answer to discover that IPART does consider residents as key stakeholders. A transcript of the forum (that was webcast as some you already know) will be on IPART website by next week.

A number of the myths that have been floating around were put to rest by the panel:

  • no change IS an option
  • you don't have to meet ALL the criteria
  • IPART does not propose mergers as this is not what it is tasked to do
  • it is for councils to submit merger proposals
  • IPART will not consider a merger proposal unless it is signed off by ALL the councils involved
  • also that joint organisations are on the table; and more...
  • So this claim by some of our councillors that if we do not submit any proposal for merger, then IPART will somehow impose one on us has no substance whatsoever. If you don't believe me, ask the General Manager. He was there and heard it all.

    As a precinct we can make submissions. Any resident can make submissions. My informal chat with IPART secretary tells me that we must make submissions, and we must point out the problem we have with our FFTF survey.

    The secretary told me quite clearly that IPART is well aware that some Councils are running their own agenda and not reflecting community views, but of course she did not mention any by name.

    My view is that Randwick Council should submit a "Council Improvement Proposal" (template 2) and not bother with any "Council Merger Proposals" (template 1) given its declared position that it is against merger and wants to stand alone. There is no risk whatsoever in not submitting any merger proposal: IPART will never consider any proposal from any other council to merge with us unless we sign off on it; and it will not make any recommendations on its own to merge us with any other council.

    IPART's role is to check and tick off on stand alone or merger proposals that (broadly) meet the criteria set by the government and in accordance with the Independant panel's recommendations. It is then up to the government to decide if it wants to force a merger if not enough councils put up merger proposals. We should not be tricked into voluntarily proposing merger and let the government off the hook.

    I will be putting in a submission in which I will point out the (technical) fallacies of the Randwick FFTF survey so that it does not get any more consideration that it deserves. I believe I can do this in a way that the expert panel will accept. I plan to submit as a resident because I am quite taken aback by what I see as a fundamentally flawed process to obtain community feedback, like I said in the first paragraph of this email. I will be putting this to you at the next meeting to seek your endorsement.

    Meanwhile I urge residents with submissions to bring these to our next meeting so that we can determine if we want make a collective stand as a precinct and support it with signatures. 
    Documents relating to our councils FFTF campaign can be found here:

    The time line is short (unless the government agrees to extend it as requested by the forum participants and acknowledged by the panel) and so June meeting is going to be dominated by amalgamations discussion.

    Privacy laws forbid me from providing you the precinct mailing list. However if any of you wish to have your say or put submissions to the precinct by email, please do so by sending it to the email address below and I will forward it to the mailing list on a regular basis.

    Jayasooriah, Chair, La Perouse Precinct | E:

     Community Association by-laws | owners' and residents' responsibilities | March 2015

    It's important for all Prince Henry owners and residents to do their bit to abide by the Community Association By-laws. By doing so, you'll help to preserve the Prince Henry master plan as well as Prince Henry property values.

    The five main issues listed below can cause concern from time to time: 

    1. Maintaining landscaped areas within and perimeter verges adjacent to your lot – by-law 1.15: Maintenance of Residential Lots
    2. Drying laundry on balconies and elsewhere in public view – by-law 11.1: Appearance
    3. Storing items on balconies and elsewhere in public view– by-law 11.1: Appearance
    4. Illegal parking of boats, caravans, trailers, campervans, and unregistered vehicles – by-law 11.3: Vehicles
    5. Responsible waste management – by-law 6: Garbage

    letter outlining the five issues was delivered to every Prince Henry household in late March | early April.

    Please do your bit to preserve the intention of the Prince Henry mater plan, as well as protecting Prince Henry property values.

     Public transport threatened − an opinion piece on Light Rail | November 2014

    A community organised meeting was held at Randwick Boys High on 6 November. There were nearly 200 people drawn from over 15 suburbs badly impacted by the proposed CBD AND South East Light Rail. This was around four to five times the number who attended the State Government organised meeting the previous night. 

    Twenty bus routes are to be eliminated between Circular Quay/Central to Kingsford/Randwick when the Light Rail starts in five to six years. The problem is these routes today can carry over 17,000 passengers an hour in one direction during peak times. The Light Rail will have a capacity of just 6,900 passengers an hour from day one. 

    There will no longer be all-stop buses from Kingsford through to Central/Circular Quay. Instead you'll be forced to get off at the interchange, opposite Souths Juniors, to queue for just 12 to 13 trains an hour to Circular Quay via Central. The L94 will also cease. 

    The trains have just 80 seats out of the claimed 300 passenger capacity. Two weeks ago the Southern Courier published a photo illustrating how cramped 30 people squeezed into 6 square metres is. Currently buses have a ratio of around 180 seats per 300 passengers.

    The hospitals will lose their stops directly outside as High Street, Randwick becomes a clearway with all parking lost from Wansey Road to Avoca Street. 

    Much more detail can be found at

    Scarce public funding of $2.200 million should not be wasted to satisfy one small but powerful lobby group.

    Spend the money expanding schools & hospitals not slashing services. It is vital that we all alert our friends and relatives to the ugly reality that is the CSELR! Extending the Eastern Suburbs Rail is the only viable solution.

    Andrew Roydhouse | Avoca Street, Randwick

     Prince Henry bush care group | November 2014

    In addition to the wonderful 'Clean up Prince Henry' team, there is also a separate bushcare group working on Lot 21 in Gubbuteh Road. The group is supervised by a Bushcare Officer from Randwick City Council − an important requirement as the site is an Endangered Ecological Community, and all work on it must be supervised by a trained bushcare worker. The group meets and works on the morning of the fourth Saturday of each month and is making good progress on what will be at least a two year task. 

    If you're interested in joining a bushcare group or to find out more about Randwick City Council's bush regeneration program, go to Council's Bushcare web page.

     Volunteer to help clean up Prince Henry | July 2014

    We're all looking forward to the time when the major constructions currently under way in Jenner and Harvey Streets are complete. We firmly believe that much of the litter around Prince Henry emanates from the builders, with some a consequence of the wind, particularly on Thursdays, when garbage bins are placed on the streets for collection, and on Fridays when garbage is collected. 

    Anyone that lives here is well aware that Prince Henry is often subject to very strong winds which, if prevalent on Thursday and/or Fridays, will blow rubbish and recycables from overfilled rubbish bins, either before collection or during the collection process.

    How can you help?

    First of all, please don't overfill your bins.

    Ideally, residents and/or contract cleaners (apartment blocks) should ensure that, when bringing in bins after garbage collection on Fridays, all uncollected rubbish or recyclables left on the footpath, road, or garden areas are placed into the appropriate domestic bin (red for household waste, yellow for recyclables, green for garden waste), or in one of the many public bins located around the parks, on the beach, and adjacent to the retail precinct. This would minimise the chance of the wind redistributing uncollected waste around Prince Henry, resulting in a dirty, untidy, and unappealing streetscape. 

    Remember, we all have a responsibility to keep this wonderful area beautiful. If you see rubbish lying around, pick it up and pop it into the nearest bin. It takes no time, and you may even create an example for others to follow.

    If you're interested in joining the clean-up group, and have available time to help, please contact Jeanette Evans. And. if you have extra time, it's nice to catch up with your fellow volunteers for coffee and a chat after each clean up.

    For more information, please contact Jeanette Evans (please note Jeanette has a new email address):

    M: 0421 614 102 | E:

    Feedback form

     Provide details of your event or group activity, ask a question, or have your say 

    Examples of what could be included on the community notice board:

    • Baby sitting − seeking or offering
    • Book clubs
    • Charity dos
    • Cinema/theatre groups
    • Comments on newsletter articles
    • Fund raising activities
    • Garage sales
    • Lost pets
    • Mums and bubs groups
    • Seeking volunteers
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