Elise Bradfield

Elise Bradfield is a blogger and the author of 'I Wish You Happiness'. She grew up in Perth, Western Australia, and is currently living in Darwin Avenue, here at Prince Henry.

Elise recently changed her day job when reality dawned that waking up and dreading going to work was not good for the soul. With no experience, but trusting her instincts, she now works in aged care...and just loves it. How refreshing to wake up actually looking forward to the day ahead!

The three main 'life lessons' she's learnt since working with the elderly are that: life is short, do what makes you happy, and don’t settle.

When she was child, she had dreams of becoming an author, beginning at the tender age of eight writing her first novel. She even did her own illustrations back then, but has since realised that drawing may not be her strong suit!

Elise is an ambassador and teacher of the emerging Happiness Movement. After learning people list happiness as one of life's main priorities, Elise began to narrate her own personal struggle of finding happiness within her latest novel. Readers are reminded that happiness lies in the here and now, and life unfolds and flows effortlessly when we get out of our own way.

You'll see Elise around the traps at Prince Henry walking her adorable dog, Kobie. He's a friendly soul, loves other dogs (and their owners), and also seems to appreciate the many choices for his daily walks.

Having initially been a writer of fiction books, Elise has settled into writing spiritual and motivational non-fiction. She's now thoroughly enjoying being part of the growing network of people involved in that genre.

Elise is passionate about travelling, gaining inspiration from her adventures while exploring the world. She loves music and singing, and has recently discovered a talent for cooking. Perhaps Elise will become a contributor to Sofia's kitchen? Here's hoping!

Elise's website is a destination for sharing knowledge and information. Her guest bloggers are experts in their specific fields. You'll find book reviews, recommendations on places to visit, seminars to attend and much more.

To find out more about Elise Bradfield her beliefs and passions, visit her website at http://elisebradfield.com/.

I Wish You Happiness Tour 30 March 2014 − follow up blog

With 40+ guests, a mix of women and one man, who had travelled a considerable distance for the I Wish you Happiness event, everyone arrived with a smile on their face and an openness to learn and be inspired. Go to Elise's follow up blog for a full event wrap up. The day was such a succes that another is planned for some time in August.