Coast Centre

Are you an adventurous ‘over 55’ looking for ways to rekindle old interests or explore new avenues? Maybe you've always wanted to paint, learn French or Italian, dare to switch on a computer and explore other worlds, or join in any number of rewarding and fun activities. Now's the time to have a go, stimulate the grey matter while making new friends.

Monday to Friday classes are run at the Coast Centre by enthusiastic volunteers as well as paid tutors from the local community − all are experts in their respective fields. For a small membership and tuition fee, you can try out just the one or as many classes as you have time for.

Come and see for yourself, visit our website, or call or email us to find out more. 

Coast Centre
Curie Avenue
Little Bay NSW 2036

T: 02 9311 4886

Fact sheet

Want to know more about how the Coast Centre operates? Check out the Facts sheet for background information on management, staff and committees members. 

 Upcoming events and activities

Check the Coast Centre News sheets or visit the Coast Centre website for details of all upcoming events and activities.