Going back in time...

This section comprises a variety of historical snippets relating to Prince Henry, the Coast Hostpital, and neighbouring suburbs. The author of each piece contributes to the webisite as a volunteer. Thank you all!

Particular thanks to Jane Bannister − the founder of this section. Jane was a regular and valued contributor to the Prince Henry community website in its early days, researching and writing short stories on different aspects of the history of the Prince Henry Hospital and surrounds. 

Seeking your help!

Due to family commitments, Jane is unable to continue providing her wonderful stories. We need your help to keep this section alive. If you have an interest in local history and would like to contribute your stories to this section, or know someone that may be able to help, please contact the web team.

Early Days at the Coast Hospital

Little Bay Tigers

The Water Tower

A look at life in Little Bay in the 30s and 50s

Friar Pere Receveur | Franciscan, scientist

Matrons Dickson and McNevin − decicated and courageous professionals

The Saltwater People of Long and Little Bays

Naming our streets and parks

The Sewing Room

What's in a name?

An Anzac Day tribute

Little Bay as a 'sculpture'

Prince Henry's sporting heritage

Bob-a-Day Park

The RAAF Memorial Clock Tower