The Water Tower

The Water Tower, located in Pine Avenue Little Bay, is adjacent to Little Bay Apartments. It was constructed in 1916 to provide water to the Flowers Wards, which were situated then and are still located on the western side of Pine Avenue. (The Wards were named after Fred Flowers who was the Minister for Health, 1914-1915.)

The Tower is heritage listed within the Prince Henry site and a plan of management exists to guide the ongoing management and maintenance of the structure. The Prince Henry Reserve Trust owns and manages the Tower and the site on which it is located.

The Little Bay Apartments Residents’ Committee, on behalf of LBA residents, has ‘maintenance concerns’ about the Tower (including rust markings that are leaching onto the concrete face from the metal work protecting the aperture openings, and the entrance is no longer secured by padlock). The Residents’ Committee’s concerns have, with the assistance of Randwick City Council, been conveyed to the Department of Primary Industries (Crown Lands).

June 2014 update

Having determined that the heritage Water Tower was falling into disrepair, the Little Bay Apartments Residents' Committee took the bull by the horns, liaising with NSW Government to expedite maintenance and protective work. 

In May, the Deputy Director-General, Land & Natural Resources, informed the RC that Crown Lands will commission the preparation of an Asset Maintenance Plan for the site that will assess the condition of improvements and prioritise any works deemed necessary. 

The RC will continue to monitor and facilitate this work, keeping the Community Association posted of its progress. 

It's important that all Prince Henry residents keep an eye on the wonderful heritage structures located here at Little Bay, and notify the relevant authority of perceived maintenance problems.