Amy, Brendan and Little Jack Sparrow Sadgrove | Their story

08 March 2017

To raise funds for the Royal Hospital for Women's Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), Amy and Brendan Sadgrove have kindly agreed to share the story of their courageous 'Little Jack Sparrow' with our website readers.

You may have been following Little Jack Sparrow's story on social media, or perhaps you caught the short interview with Amy and Brendan on Channel 7 news last Monday 6 March? Amy, Brendan and Jack's story is a sad one, but so incredibly inspiring. 

Amy and Brendan's tiny baby, Jack Riley Sadgrove ('Little Jack Sparrow') was born at 24 weeks and lived for just 41 days. While spending many hours a day in the NICU, Amy and Brendan Sadgrove couldn't fail to notice doctors and nurses constantly juggling vital equipment between babies. In addition to the shortage of technical equipment, it became very clear there was a desperate need for simple things such as chairs for parents and nurses.

The nurses work 12 hour shifts and a number of parents spend around the same number of hours each day in the NICU with their babies. So, when there's no chair to sit on, the days get that much harder.  

Below is an extract from one of Brendan's heart wrenching FB posts:

I am so sorry to tell you all this way, but Jack didn't make it. He passed away on his Mummy's chest on Friday about 3:30pm. It all happened very fast and we still don't know what caused his sudden deterioration. The doctors and nurses tried everything, and I mean everything. I am indebted to those amazing people for ever...

...Please don't send us anything, we are really fine. If you would like to help, please please donate to Jack's fundraising page to help support the Doctors and Nurses save more babies lives...

...There is so much money needed for things you would just take for granted they could afford, but they just can't. Any money will help I promise...

While Amy, Brendan and 'Little Jack Sparrow' were battling their way through each and every day, a family member created a fund raising page to raise much needed money for the many basic items the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) cannot afford to buy. The original funding goal was exceeded very quickly, and has been increased a number of times along the way due to the extraordinary generosity of family, friends, and even complete strangers. However, more money is needed.

Please donate whatever you're able to — no matter how small the amount.


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