April 2020 | Autumn Newsletter

14 April 2020

Belated Happy Easter in isolation. How the world has changed since our summer newsletter. 

You'll find many references to corona virus (COVID-19) throughout this autumn newsletter — seems it's become the new normal.  

The bush fires during the summer months deprived us of blue skies and fresh air. And, now that they're back, we're not permitted to enjoy them in the Aussie way due to social distancing and staying home unless on essential business. On the bright side, these challenging times will end, and we'll no doubt appreciate and enjoy those good things far more than in the past. 

Another upside is that pollution levels and carbon emissions have significantly reduced. That has to be a good thing heh? 

Not so good news is that Meriton has lodged an 'Alternative Master Plan' for Little Bay Cove with Council. And, you guessed it, it's even worse than it's previous attempt to rezone the area and overturn the approved Master Plan. To make matters worse, Meriton's Little Bay Cove project has been included in the Urban Task Force list of projects that have been earmarked 'shovel ready within six months' for fast tracking in the 'public interest of jobs and investments'. 

One hopeful development is that the NSW Government has announced it will delay its plans for a third Sydney cruise ship terminal for up to 18 months. However, the Save Yarra Bay Coalition's and the extended community's battle will continue until the idea is abandoned completely.  

As always, we extend our thanks and gratitude to each of our generous website sponsors and editorial contributors. Sponsors provide the financial support to enable the Prince Henry Community website to remain viable, as well as news updates to share with our readers. Volunteer contributors provide much of the substance for our newsletters, so a big thanks to volunteers.  

Please follow Government health advice, stay home, stay safe, and save lives.

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