August 2015 newsletter

24 August 2015

The restaurant scene is really taking off here at Prince Henry − who knows, perhaps we'll end up with that cosmopolitan strip many of us have been dreaming of. Don't forget, Prince Henry restaurateurs need the support of the locals to make a living.

In this month's newsletter, there are readers' emails and our usual contributions from our local pollies, as well as George and Aisha's fascinating property market stats, news and views. And of course another delicious recipe from Sofia's kitchen.

We welcome Glen Mezei, the owner operator of Site Pizza Bar, as a new Gold Sponsor, and farewell Silver Sponsor Brad Ellison of 6X. Site Pizza Bar has been part of the scenery here at Prince Henry for the past year or so, and seems to going from strength to strength. We look forward to working with Glen over the next little while. Many thanks to Brad Ellison for having faith in the web team in the early days, and for his continuing support over the past few years.

CORRECTION: Apologies to Lewis, Little Lily's general manager. In our newsletter piece on Little Lily's, we inadvertently called him Stewart. Very silly! However, as a consolation prize, this correction may draw more attention to Little Lily's, which was after all the object of the exercise. Sorry Lewis!

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