Australia Day BBQ 2016

26 January 2016

Aussie Day BBQ | Fun in the sun!

What great fun Australia Day turned out to be. Terrific venue with ample shade for those that wanted it, great food, fine (some perhaps not so fine) wines, magnificent company...what more could one desire? Unlike some preceding years, the weather was exceptionally kind to us — plenty of sunshine and reasonable temperature. As a result, the sun had long gone before the ‘party’ finally disbanded — the day becoming a touch longer than expected!

Starting at midday, during the course of the afternoon and evening, both Prince Henry residents and some from further afield arrived and departed as it suited them. Some of the 'true' stayers arrived early and didn't seem to want to go home!

For the first time, our local pollies joined us for our special Aussie Day barbecue and popped in to say 'hello'. Michael Daley (State member for Maroubra) and Matt Thistlethwaite (Federal member for Kinsgford Smith) spent some time mingling with the group before rushing off to a number of other Aussie Day celebrations. Michael even suggested that next year, time permitting of course, he'd bring the family!

Another successful community gathering costing nothing more than the cost of food and beverages each individual brought with them. And, there was some amazing food — so much yummy food, so little time!

If you couldn't make it this year, there's alway 2017. We look forward to seeing even more new faces then.

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