December 2015 Newsletter

23 December 2015

Season's greetings

Season's greetings to all of our readers and supporters. Special thanks to our web sponsors, without whom the website wouldn't be, and this newsletter would not have been created. 

Of particular note this month is the update on our telecoms situation. No Pivit email from 1 January, a tussle to get infrastructure upgrades carried out in a timely manner, and a sudden drop in internet speeds. What next? 

Adriana Verges, a marine ecologist at UNSW has submitted a fascinating piece on Operation Crayweed, and Sofia has committed to another year with the web team, rustling up a recipe each month for all to share. Thanks for your great work Sofia — it's greatly appreciated!

Why not share your favourite recipe with our newsletter subscribers. Sofia would love to hear from you - just complete the form at the foot of the Sofia's kitchen landing page.

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