December 2018 | Summer Newsletter

21 December 2018

Seasons Greeting

There are several recurring issues in the summer newsletter. The potential Yarra Bay cruise ship terminal remans of great concern for many local residents, including our local pollies, and the La Perouse Aboriginal Land Council, the traditional custodians of the land. The Save the Bay Coalition is doing its very best to prevent the project from going ahead. If you have time and wish to help, please get in touch — the contact details are included in the summer newsletter.

There are updates on the restoration and maintenance of Prince Henry's heritage built items, as well as the telecoms debacle. And, a yummy recipe for a peach and raspberry pavlova.

Prince Henry's legendary Australia Day Barbecue will take place as per usual on 26 January. It's a Saturday in 2019 - not sure whether that's a good or bad thing.

Congratulations to Nora Nagy of the Coast Golf Club on winning such a prestigious award. Check out the sponsors news in the newsletter for details. 

Once again we extend our thanks and gratitude to our generous website sponsors and volunteer contributors. Sponsors provide the financial support to enable the Prince Henry Community website to remain viable, as well as news updates to share with our readers. Volunteers provide much of the substance of our newsletters.

Important note: Due to a software glitch, two articles disappeared when the newsletter was emailed to subscribers. A news update, containing articles on Pine Cottage and the Australia Day Barbecue, was sent immediately to ensure the missing news items were available for our readers. 

To read both the summer newsletter December 2018 and the follow up email, go to the Community news page. And, please email the link to all friends and acquaintances you think may be interested.

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