December 2019 | Summer Newsletter

31 December 2019

December 2019 | Summer Newsletter

Happy new year, dear readers. What a year it's been...and where did the days, weeks, and months go? 

The smokey atmosphere over the past few months has been pretty awful for all concerned. The RFS and volunteers have been amazingly resilient and steadfast in their relentless work. Fingers crossed 2020 will be kinder to each one of them, as well as to those personally affected by the fires, than 2019 has been. 

This year has been another busy one for the CA with many issues affecting Prince Henry both directly and indirectly to be addressed. Please everyone do your best to support the CA, as well as the other volunteer groups in their endeavours to make a difference and protect this wonderful part of the planet. 

A new web section: Call to Action, has been created to address important local issues requiring action from ordinary people. Each of the pages contains impassioned pleas from your neighbours to prevent this wonderful part of Sydney from being permanently spoiled. Please help out where you can. 

As always, we extend our thanks and gratitude to each of our generous website sponsors and editorial contributors. Sponsors provide the financial support to enable the Prince Henry Community website to remain viable, as well as news updates to share with our readers. Volunteer contributors provide much of the substance for our newsletters, so a big thanks to volunteers.

To read the summer newsletter December 2019, go to the Community news page. And, please email the link to all friends and acquaintances you think may be interested.

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