February 2022 | Summer Newsletter

20 February 2022

Congratulations to Randwick City's new Mayor, Dylan Parker, who has been a Central Ward Councillor for Randwick City since 2017. And, our thanks to outgoing Mayor Danny Said for his work over the past two years. The Prince Henry at Little Bay Community Association looks forward to working with Mayor Parker during his term in office. 

As summer nears its end, it's impossible not to include a mention that Little Bay folk are again reeling following its second tragedy in a few short weeks. The fatal shark attack on Wednesday 16 February could not fail to shock and sadden. However, we should be mindful that sharks belong in the ocean and, when we swim in the ocean we share their natural environment. In addition, while shark attacks shock the community to the core, and inevitably are widely reported by a rabid media, such encounters happen very rarely. 

Our thoughts and sympathy go out to diving instructor, Simon Nellist's, family and friends, as well as to the family and friends of the father and son who were swept from the rocks at the end of last month. Here's hoping these sad events don't prevent folk from continuing to appreciate the beauty of Little Bay. 

Moving on to more positive news, Crown Land continues its repair and maintainence program at Prince Henry. Works to refurbish the RAAF Memorial Clock in Pine Avenue have been completed, with just some fine tuning to stabilise the time displayed to continue in the coming months. Works have started on Henrys Trading Post in Brodie Avenue, with the retaining wall in Pine Avenue next on the list. It's fabulous to see that Prince Henry's heritage built structures are being looked after. 

The new website is coming along nicely. We're hoping to have it up and running very soon...watch this space.

You'll be sure to notice the fabulous masthead image on the newsletter (Little Bay Beach with rainbow). Many thanks to Coogee's Jan Morgan for allowing us to use her very special photograph of our beautiful beach. 

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