Happy ending for lost cat

29 November 2017

The beautiful cat pictured was found in Pine Avenue on Monday 27 November. He's very friendly, clearly well looked after, but sadly not microchipped.

On Wednesday 29 November he was transferred to the Sydney Dogs and Cats Home in Carlton, which thankfully has a no-kill policy. 

On 12 December, this gorgeous guy was reunited with his owners. Love a happy ending!

Sydney Dogs and Cats Home is raising money for new premises. If you'd like to donate, please contact:

Sydney Dogs and Cats Home
7 Edward Street, Carlton NSW 2218

T: 02 9587 9611
W: http://sydneydogsandcatshome.org/

To read the plea for help emailed to subscribers on 29 November 2017, as well as previous newsletters and updates, go to the Community news page. And, please email the link to all friends and acquaintances you think may be interested.

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