Illegal parking | News update

29 May 2017

This update is by special request from the Coordinator Rangers, Randwick City Council, following a number of resident complaints. A particular issue for local residents has been vehicles parked facing the wrong direction in Harvey Street, Little Bay, and also in some of the nearby streets such as Florey Crescent.  

Council rangers monitor our streets for parking infringements and the like, recently placing penalty notices on several illegally parked cars in Harvey Street. 

In addition, the Prince Henry Community Association Executive Committee has an ongoing problem with commercial vehicles, boats, caravans, trailers, campers, or like vehicles which, according to local by-laws, are not permitted to park in public view anywhere on Prince Henry streets. 

Council and the CA EC are hopeful that vehicle owners will start doing the right thing without the need for further penalty notices to be issued. 

Read more on illegal parking and Prince Henry by-laws.

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