Illegal parking

25 May 2017

In response to a number of complaints from residents Randwick Council rangers just recently placed penalty notices on several illegally parked cars in Harvey Street.

While Council is unable to assist the Community Association in policing specific local by-laws (see below), Council rangers can and will police The Australian Road Rules and issue penalty notices when infringements occur.

Council has requested the following message on parking rules in general be made available to Prince Henry residents, and hopes that vehicle owners will start doing the right thing without the need for further penalty notices to be issued:

Illegal parking | Message from Randwick Council

Council wishes to remind all drivers not to park facing the wrong direction, near intersections, on nature strips or even across your own driveway. Parking within 10 metres of a pedestrian crossing is also not permitted. The Australian Road Rules about parking are designed with the safety and welfare of all road users in mind. Council urges all drivers to park legally and with care. Remembering to park in accordance with the road rules will also avoid unpleasant parking fines.

To find out how to report illegal parking to Council, go to the Report a problem page.

 Additional illegal parking specific to Prince Henry

in addition to the general Australian Road Rules, it's important that all Prince Henry owners, residents, and visitors are aware that specific by-laws are in place to ensure the Prince Henry Master Plan is preserved now and into the future.

By-law 11.3 Vehicles


  • unregistered vehicles
  • caravans
  • trailers
  • campers or like vehicles 

shall be kept or be caused to remain on a Lot or Association Property.

Commercial Vehicles, Boats, Caravans etc

Parking of: 

  • commercial vehicles
  • boats
  • caravans 

is not permitted to the front of properties. Such vehicles are to be screened from public view by providing an enclosure located behind the residence or garage. Colours, materials and design of the enclosure should complement the main dwelling.

Explanatory Note: The above-mentioned vehicle types are not permitted to park in public view anywhere within the Prince Henry site, which is bounded by Harvey Street to the south, Murra Murra Place, Little Bay Beach and the Coast Golf Club to the east, Gubbuteh Road to the north and Anzac Parade to the west.

Please adhere to the Prince Henry By-Laws and respect residents by relocating the above-mentioned vehicles outside of the Prince Henry estate. Unrestricted parking is available close by on:

  • Jennifer Street,
  • Little Bay Road, and
  • some parts of Anzac Parade.

Prince Henry by-laws

The Prince Henry Community Management Statement contains all of the specific by-laws relating to the Prince Henry estate. You can view or download a copy of the Management Statement and other important documents in the Community Association section

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