January 2021 | Summer Newsletter

Summer Newsletter | January 2021

Happy new year dear reader and welcome to summer at Little Bay.

We could be forgiven for stealing Queensland's tagline: 'Beautiful one day, perfect the next'...but only when the sun shines. 

The issues we raised for your urgent attention in our spring newsletter have not gone away. The gridlocked traffic, general disregard for parking regulations, and beach overcrowding seem to be worsening when the sun shines, particularly on weekends and public holidays. Members of the CA EC will be meeting with the Mayor and other key players in early February to discuss how best to deal with the problems. 

Meriton's determination to ignore the Little Bay Cove Master Plan and consequently to destroy the essence of the area continues unabated. And, the development at 11 Jennifer Street has raised its ugly head again. See how you can help by reading the newsletter. 

In addition, while planning for the potential mega-cruise ship terminal at Yarra Bay appears to be on the back-burner, there's almost certainly work going on in the background to progress this totally inappropriate proposal. Please keep up the pressure when you have time. 

Tender documents have been issued for a long overdue update to the website and newsletter which following the upgrade will be owned and operated by the Community Association, more on that in the newsletter.

Thanks, as always, to each of our generous website sponsors and editorial contributors. Sponsors provide the financial support to enable the Prince Henry Community website to remain viable, as well as news updates to share with our readers. Volunteer contributors provide much of the substance for our newsletters, so a big thanks to volunteers. 

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