March 2016 Newsletter

25 March 2016

The Brussels terrorist attacks | March 2016

This month's newsletter is dedicated to the victims of the ghastly terrorist attacks in Brussels, and to their families and friends. Our hearts go out to them.

Well done to the CA Executive Committee for obtaining a copy of the Network Management Services Agreement between Pivit and Landcom (now Urban Growth). At least it's a step in the right direction to resolving or improving Prince Henry's telecommunications issues. 

This month we welcome NG Farah, our on-site real estate agent, as a Silver sponsor and as our new content contributor to the Local property market review web section. 

We have regular pieces from our local pollies, and another yummy recipe from Sofia's kitchen, as well as info on lots of things to do in and around Prince Henry. You'll see that Sofia's thrown down the gauntlet to all local chefs or wannabe chefs to contribute their favourite recipes to share with our readers. 

Many thanks, as always, to all of our financial sponsors and of course to our volunteer contributors. We couldn't do it without you.

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