November 2016 Newsletter

08 November 2016

Kindifarm The Coast Centre fete | October 2016

Counting down to Christmas now, with the warmer weather clearly an encouragement to Prince Henry dwellers to get out and about, enjoying the local cafes, family spaces and wonderful dog-walking environment. 

Our gorgeous masthead image was captured at the enormously successful Coast Centre fete. Sunday 30 October was a big day here at Prince Henry, with not only the fete to visit but also The Coast Golf Club's inaugural Summer Sunday music session to experience. Give it a shot next Sunday, it's a fun way to wile away a sunny Sunday afternoon. 

You may notice the Pollies are conspicuous by their absence. Why? You may well ask. We can only presume they have bigger fish to fry. Maybe next time? 

Get set for a change in 2017. Quarterly newsletters will be replacing monthly emails in 2017, with the last monthly newsletter to be emailed in December 2016. The first quarterly newsletter, being the autumn issue, will be emailed to subscribers in March 2017, followed by the winter issue in June, the spring issue in September and the summer issue in December. Keep a look-out for the odd intermittent email from the Web Team - it'll be an important reminder.

Our website sponsors, as always, deserve an extra special mention as of course do our volunteer contributors. We couldn't do it without you.

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