October 2019 | Spring Newsletter

05 October 2019

Little Bay

Well, spring has sprung but we're still awaiting the consistency of warmer weather and balmy evenings. And, Christmas will be here before we know it. 

This quarter's newsletter contains some urgent calls to action to save our wonderful corner of the world from mega cruise ships and over the top development proposals. Sign the petitions, send your own letters of objection, hassle the pollies...whatever it takes. 

Lots has happened on the Telecoms issue since our last newsletter. Developments appear to be occurring daily - it's sometimes hard to keep up. Nevertheless, the Telecoms web page is updated as and when developments happen, so check in on the website from time to time. 

This quarter, we're delighted to welcome new website sponsor iWIll Building Management - check out the 'News from our Sponsors' in the newsletter and the Local business and services web section to find out more. 

And, as always, we extend our thanks and gratitude to all of our generous website sponsors and editorial contributors. Sponsors provide the financial support to enable the Prince Henry Community website to remain viable, as well as news updates to share with our readers. Volunteer contributors provide much of the substance for our newsletters, so a big thank you to volunteers. 

Please do your bit to support the web team by telling your friends and colleagues about our website. Go to the Forward to a friend button and forward this email to all friends and acquaintances you think may be interested...even if they're not Prince Henry dwellers. 

To read the spring newsletter October 2019, go to the Community news page. And, please email the link to all friends and acquaintances you think may be interested.

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