September 2017 | Spring Newsletter

21 September 2017

Prince Henry Aerial circa 1980s

Welcome to the onset of warmer climes! Not at all sad to wave goodbye to winter and its cooler temperatures. 

Have a good look at our masthead image — it's Prince Henry. We believe the aerial photo was taken in the 1980s, long before construction of the residential Master Plan was mooted or began. Big difference heh? The photo was supplied by a local resident who used to work at Prince Henry when it was a hospital. Thanks Tim. 

Lots of chatter just recently on proposed development in the local area. Michael Daley seems to be on the job making the right noises on behalf of his electorate. Lots of comments on social media lamenting the purchase of Little Bay Cove by Harry Triguboff, and the proposed development of a 94 unit apartment block on Jennifer Street. 

Many thanks to our website sponsors and volunteer contributors. A big welcome to a new Gold Sponsor: our local Asian fusion restaurant Little Hutong, and farewell and thanks for your support to former Silver Sponsor Piccola Baia. 

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