Two Fetes, One Great Community

20 October 2018

Coast Centre Grandparents Day Fete & La Perouse Public School's 150th Anniversary

In the next few weeks our community will celebrate two wonderful days and events.

The Coast Centre Annual Fete on Sunday 28 October will highlight many of the extraordinary things our Centre has for the community and help La Perouse Public School celebrate 150 years of achievement inspiring students, teachers, families and neighbours. 

The school's celebrations on Sunday 4 November will include entertainment, history presentations and market stalls. They are convening a panel with Inspiring Alumni at 11am and a History discussion at 12:30pm on the day. The school is also building a native garden for the whole community to enjoy and the Coast Centre is helping, with the garden. 

You can help too! This year at the Coast Centre's popular plant stall, where along with plants to buy for your own garden, you will also be able to purchase a plant that may be donated for planting at La Perouse Public School the week after on the 4 November. 

Recently, The Coast Centre had a delightful catch up with La Perouse Public School Captain Piper, teacher Mrs Jo Connolly, Coast Centre Members Lee Barwick and Shirley Harding. Lee and Shirley are two of The Coast Centre's plant stall organisers. Together they discussed native plants like grevilleas and scented lemon myrtle. 

La Perouse Public School is building a native garden for the whole community, and the Coast Centre for Seniors is helping, with the support of projects such as this.

Click here for more information on The Coast Centre's Grandparents Day Fete.

Click here for more information on La Perouse Public School's 150th Anniversary.

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