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 Proposal to expand the cemetery into Bicentennial Park | 28 November

Opinion piece by local resident Charles Abela

On 22 October 2019 Council resolved to support a draft proposal to allow the cemetery to expand into Bicentennial Park taking up about 30 per cent of the park’s area. The proposal encompasses significant portions of the Yarra Bay beach and rock platform shoreline and would also encompass Bumborah Point. Bumborah Point is the best part of Bicentennial Park because it is elevated and because of the widespan splendid views to be had from there which include the landing sites of Captain Cook, Laperouse, and Arthur Phillip and most of the Botany Bay shoreline.

The only Councillors voting against the motion were the Mayor and Deputy Mayor. The accepted Council resolution is copied below:


CP36/19 Director City Planning Report — Planning Proposal for Proposed Cemetery Expansion at Bumborah Point (RZ/3/2017)

282/19 RESOLUTION: (Andrews/Stavrinos) that Council: 

  1. Support the draft Planning Proposal for the Bumborah Point cemetery expansion;
  2. Forward the draft Planning Proposal and supporting material to the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment as delegate of the Minister for Planning requesting ‘Gateway Determination’ under Section 3.34 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 to enable a public consultation process; and,
  3. Following ‘Gateway Determination’ exhibit the Planning Proposal in accordance with the conditions of the Gateway Determination and bring back a report to Council detailing the results of the community consultation for final consideration by Council. 


By trashing the historical and heritage on-shore values of the site, I believe that the cemetery expansion proposal paves the way for the proposed expansion of the Port Botany berthing facilities to our side of the main breakwater. There was an historic attempt to build general commercial wharfage in Frenchmans Bay to cater for the tugboats and other utility vessels. That was thwarted by the community at the time the Port was being built forcing the then Port Botany Authority to give up a large berth in the Port capable of accommodating a large container ship.

I believe that the proposed cruise ship terminal is a revised rehash of that historic attempt to establish general utility wharfage. It is hard to believe that new wharfage such as that proposed for Yarra Bay would only be used for 30 or so one-day cruise ship stays and left idle for the other 330 days of the year. No business case could ever justify the stated limited cruise ship usage.

On an even less savoury aspect Bumborah Point is an elevated rocky outcrop overlain by a few metres in depth of sand dune. When there is significant rain, seepage is seen coming down the sides of the cliff face and running over the rock platforms and beach. The seepage at times persists for several weeks. It would be disgusting to think that the leachate seepage has percolated through several thousand full body burial graves before reaching the beach.

The draft proposal is available on Randwick City Council's Planning Proposal web page

 Save Little Bay from Meriton's over the top proposal for Little Bay Cove | October 2019

Save Little Bay

In late September 2019, Meriton Group released its plans to substantially increase the Masterplan-approved development capacity of the Little Bay Cove site. If you are a local resident, you may have received a Meriton leaflet in your mailbox. 

The Save Little Bay Facebook group has been initiated to organise and coordinate the Little Bay community’s opposition to the proposed horrendous overdevelopment of Little Bay Cove which is not in sync with the tranquil and recreational nature of our local environment which we seek to preserve and protect. 

The objective is to defend Randwick City Council’s Masterplan on which hundreds of owner occupiers based their investment decision and which ensures a relatively sensible development of the Little Bay Cove site.

Please share and invite local community members to join the Save Little Bay Facebook page!

 Take action NOW! to stop the cruise terminal at Yarra Bay | October 2019

Save Yarra Bay

Maria Poulos Conklin from the Save Yara Bay Coalition has been tireless in her protracted efforts to prevent mega-cruise ships from destroying Yarra Bay and surrounds. Maria has kindly taken time out of her very busy schedule to provide this piece for our website, to update Prince Henry residents and neighbours on recent developments. And to provide details on how each of us can help.

The campaign to save beautiful Yarra Bay from the state government's egregious plans to build a cruise terminal have been ramped up in recent days. A community forum will be organised by our local MPs and Save the Bay Coalition for 17 November at the Yarra Bay Sailing Club (times to be advised). 

The Port Authority of NSW has released its timelines and plans for consultations. We encourage everyone to visit the Your Say Cruise Capacity web page and make your views known. 

The Port Authority  says it wants to 'consult' with the community and other stakeholders regarding its proposed Yarra Bay or Molineux Point mega cruise ship terminal. However the Port Authority continues to balk at providing the essential ingredients of successful consultation: meaningful information about what they propose to build. It has not released its preliminary studies that have deemed the terminal techinically feasible. 

In response to Tthe Port Authority's invitation to a meeting, the Save the Bay Coalition has requested:

  • Substantive and to scale drawings that show the locations of the proposed berths, breakwaters, land reclamations, land acquisitions, terminal structures, roadworks, and other infrastructure for each of the options being considered for the proposed mega cruise ship terminal.
  • Preliminary environmental impact assessments for the above.
  • Early estimates of total cost for each option.
  • The results of the preliminary strategic business case and justification for the claim that the proposal is technically feasibile.
  • Information the Port Authority has shared or plans to share with the cruise line industry, as part of the market sounding process.
  • The Port Authority has stated clearly that it will not share any of this with the community. We insist that consultation must begin with us being granted access to the above strategic phase information, and permission to share it with our community of stakeholders. 

Until we know what the Port Authority proposes to build, it cannot be said that we have been consulted. 

Should the Port Authority refuse to make the information available, we will make it clear that they will be imposing a cruise terminal on the community without having obtained any social licence for it. 

Developments occur daily, so please keep in touch by following the Save the Bay Coalition on Facebook and checking in on the Save Yarra Bay website for updates. 

 What can we do to help?

Check out the Take Action page on the Save Yarra Bay website. There's lots that each one of us can do to with very little effort. 

Phone calls, emails and letters are ultimately more effective than dropping pins on maps and responding to the Have your Say page on the Port Authority Website. The Port Authority website "Have your Say" is designed to filter and dilute the public disruption/anger as they proceed with their market soundings with industry. You will be unlikely to get a response on this website. Copy your responses to both the Minister AND the website (not to discourage you from also posting on Port Authority website). 

Key questions to ask

  • Why won't The Port Authority release the strategic business case and other technical information to the public?
  • Why is this information being shared with industry but not those MOST AFFECTED?

Contact details 

The Hon. Andrew Constance, MP
52 Martin Place SYDNEY NSW 2000
GPO Box 5341 SYDNEY NSW 2001
T: 02 8574 5807
F: 02 9339 5512 


The Hon. Andrew Constance, MP
T: (02) 6492 2056
F : (02) 6492 3578


Andrew Constance Facebook page

 Jennifer Street Development Applications Update | June 2019

Save Jennifer Street

11 Jennifer Street

No decisions have been made as yet on the 11 Jennifer Street application.

27 Jennifer Street

Good news (for now) on the 27 Jennifer Street application. Following the on-site hearing in March, at which no resolution was reached, the matter was returned to the Court and allocated a date for a hearing in November 2019. The applicant was required to file its Statement of Facts and Contentions in Reply. However, the applicant failed to do so, and has since advised that they wish to discontinue the whole of the proceedings. Council has consented to the discontinuance and, as such, the matter has been resolved with nothing further required from those who objected to the proposal.  

The applicant has a right to lodge a further development application or applications in respect of the site. The CA will address future applications as they occur, and has undertaken to continue its support for St Michaels Golf Course.

 Pine Cottage Child Care Centre Update | June 2019

Pine Cottage Child Care Centre

Pine Cottage Early Learning finally opened its doors to local children on 15 April 2019!  In July, there will be an open day, so more parents and children can view the centre and meet the lovely staff.

Please follow facebook page Pine Cottage Early Education for updates about the open day and other future events. If you have any questions, please email Julie or Michelle via

 Jennifer Street Development Applications Update and Call to Action | 29 March

The elephant in the room for both of these proposed developments is how on earth were these two lots zoned R3 Medium Density Residential?

27 Jennifer Street is a slither of land sandwiched between a golf course (St Michael’s) and a driving range (Cullen’s), both of which are zoned RE1 Public Recreation, and 11 Jennifer Street adjoins National Parkland. 

Development on either or, even worse, both of the sites will further endanger the Eastern Suburbs Banksia Scrub and various fauna prevalent in the area, all of which should be preserved and nurtured, not destroyed.

11 Jennifer Street

As well as the significant environmental concerns embroiled in this proposed development, 11 Jennifer Street adjoins National Parkland, there are no other residential buildings on the eastern side of Jennifer Street, and all residential dwellings currently in Jennifer Street are on the western side of the road. A multi-dwelling development is most certainly not in keeping with Jennifer Street or the surrounding area, which comprises mainly individual dwellings of one and two storeys.

Significant amendments have been submitted as part of DA/101/2018 lodged in February 2018, with the consultation period expiring on 5 April 2019. With such a proposed shift from the DA as lodged, a new DA would generally be required. However, in this case, a new DA was not called for. 

The Prince Henry Community Association has lodged an objection to the amendments on behalf of all Prince Henry residents. Feel free to copy and paste or cherry pick for your own objection. The more individual objections received, the more likely our views are to be taken seriously. Remember the deadline for objections is 5 April 2019 — email your objection to (Att. Frank Ko).

27 Jennifer Street

On 12 March 2019 the Land and Environment Court conducted an onsite hearing for the 27 Jennifer Street Development DA/133/2018.

Having submitted a written objection to the proposed DA, the Prince Henry Community Association was able to nominate a reprentative to speak at the meeting on behalf of all Prince Henry residents. The CA representative spoke strongly in support of St Michaels Golf Club, which had submitted a very detailed objection to this questionnable proposal.

As expected, with the parties being so far apart, there was no resolution on the day. The matter reconvened in court and will be determined at a later date. This is another one to watch and question the appropriateness of the rezoning to residential.

please help me add some photos for the pine cottage, I want to give more ideas to parents what is the centre look like now, we are still plan the centre will open at the end of the March.


 Pine Cottage Child Care Centre Update | March 2019

Pine Cottage Child Care Centre

Opening soon! For more information check out:

 Pine Cottage Child Care Centre Update | 22 January 2019

Pine Cottage Child Care Centre management has advised it is in the final process of obtaining service approval from the Department of Education. 

Enrolment forms will be available in mid-February and, if all goes according to plan, the Centre will be opening at the end of the March.

For more information, contact:

Michelle Li
Pine Cottage Child Care Centre
19 Pine Avenue, Little Bay NSW 2036

T: 0426 296 633


It's important for interested parties to make their own enquiries.

 Save Yarra Bay | 20 December

  Save Yarra Bay  Save Yarra Bay

The Save the Bay Coalition explains to the Prince Henry Community their grounds for opposition to a cruise ship terminal at Yarra Bay.

Thousands of residents, many businesses, our two local Councils (Randwick and Bayside), as well as other stakeholders are united in opposition to the New South Wales government's evaluation of Yarra Bay as a location for a mega cruise ship terminal. We are joined by our Federal and State Members of Parliament (Matt Thistlethwaite and Michael Daley) and the La Perouse Aboriginal Land Council, the traditional custodians of the land.

Yarra Bay is in a direct line to the ocean and huge swells can roll into the bay at any time of the year. The existing breakwater that shelters ships at Port Botany is west of Yarra Bay and would not protect the proposed terminal. A terminal in Yarra Bay would require massive investment in new breakwaters and other engineering works to protect gigantic berthed vessels from the effects of waves and wind. Read more...

The Save the Bay Coalition is appealing to local residents to support its important campaign opposing this unrealistic proposal from the NSW Government. Everyone understands the need to find a solution to cruise industry port constraints in NSW. However, a terminal in Yarra Bay or at Molineaux Point is not the answer.

Read the full story from the Save the Bay Coalition.

Become involved

Are you able to offer expertise or advice? If you feel passionately about this issue as The Save the Bay Coalition does, and would like to become involved in the campaign to Save Yarra Bay, please email Maria Poulos or Chris Kitamura at:

Save the Bay Coalition is on Facebook at:

 Pine Cottage Child Care Centre to open in first quarter 2019 | 20 December

Pine Cottage Child Care Centre

Pine Cottage Child Care Centre is located at 19 Pine Avenue, Little Bay. Centre Management is hoping to open the Centre in the first quarter of 2019. 

Centre management has provided the following information for our readers*:

  • An open day for parents and children will be arranged at Pine Cottage as soon as the final touches have been completed.
  • Centre Director, Michelle Li, and her team are currently providing high quality child care at the Southern Highlands Early Childhood Centre located in Moss Vale. They are fully licensed by the NSW Department of Community Services, and accredited by the National Childcare Accreditation Council under their Quality Improvement and Accreditation as a provider of high quality child care. That Centre received 'Exceeding National Quality Standard' in all seven quality areas.
  • The program encompasses a range of learning and extension activities with a focus on nature and the arts.
  • Additional learning experiences are enhanced by specialist staff such as a music teacher, artist, and outdoor education specialist.

Michelle Li | Professional Summary

  • Highly energetic and experienced day care centre director with strong background in both education and administration.
  • Able to manage both a large staff and large groups of children.
  • Deeply mindful of all parental concerns and priorities.

Core Qualifications

  • Exceptional knowledge of child development theory and practice.
  • Strong child care teaching experience.
  • Profound knowledge of appropriate and safe child activities.
  • Excellent ability to interpret and implement multiple program standards and policies.
  • Superior ability to develop and implement staff-related programs.
  • High expertise in planning, supervising, and delegating work to subordinate staff.


  • 12/2016 to present | PresentDay Care Centre Director (SHECC). 
  • 02/2012 to 12/2016 | Day Care Centre 2IC/ Educator in West Ryde(Room leader).
  • 01/2010 to 02/2010 | Preschool educator in Eastwood(Room Leader).

Education in Australia

  • Diploma in Early Childhood Education, Randwick TAFE.
  • Certificate 3 in Early Childhood Education Randwick TAFE.


It's important for interested parties to make their own enquiries.


Michelle Li
Pine Cottage Child Care Centre
19 Pine Avenue, Little Bay NSW 2036

T: 0426 296 633


significant amendments have been submitted as part of the most recent DA lodged in February 2018, with the consultation period expiring in a few days’ time. The Prince Henry Community Association has lodged an objection on the amendments – it’s published on the Prince Henry Community website Community noticeboard web page. Feel free to copy and paste or cherry pick for your own objection. The more individual objections received, the more likely our views are to be taken seriously

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