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It's important to know that the Prince Henry Community Website and newsletter are community initiatives run by volunteers and funded by sponsors. Both are unrelated to the Community Association in its legally appointed capacity.

However, information pertaining to the CA in the newsletter, and in the Prince Henry Community Association web section are facts that have been authorised for publication by CA Executive Committee members and the CA's managing agent. All other information in the newsletter and on the website has been contributed by various members of the community or extracted from Minutes of EC meetings. 

The website was created initially as an information portal for owners and residents. Since going live in November 2012, it has grown to become more news orientated (more work for us but lots of fun!), and our subscriber base is growing slowly but surely. Our audience comprises, in the main, Prince Henry owners and residents, managing agents of the various apartment blocks and neighbourhood associations here at Prince Henry, local politicians and government departments, neighbouring businesses and other interested parties.

We email regular newsletters to our subscriber base. Sponsors' logos appear in every issue, and each sponsor may provide an update on their business activities for inclusion in the newsletter. You can check out previous E-newsletters on the Community news web page. 

If you'd like to become a sponsor of our website, check out our Website sponsorship schedule or contact the Web team to discuss your promotional requirements.

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