Little Bay Beach | Peter Fagan

Little Bay resident, Peter Fagan, has been working to make his Little Bay beach blog a useful information resource for people with an interest in environment and usage issues, recreation, events, cultural activities, bush and coast care − at and beyond Little Bay Beach. 

Peter and his family moved to Little Bay from Clovelly in 2007 − a move he wishes they'd made years earlier. 

On arrival, he found that Little Bay Beach was a wonderful place, and there were many environmental and community issues at and around the beach to which he could make a worthwhile contribution. 

Peter's first focus was the deposit of bricks at the mouth of Little Bay's middle creek. Peter campaigned successfully through the La Perouse Precinct Committee to get the bricks removed. The older posts on his blog dating back to November 2007 tell the story in words and there are before and after photographs that tell it in images.

Since then, Peter has campaigned for marine reserve status for Little Bay. This is a campaign Peter would love someone else to take up as he doesn't currently have time for it. Contact Peter at

Peter's main concern at present is the siltation of Little Bay resulting from poor erosion and sedimentation (ERSED) controls at the developer Charter Hall's site on Anzac Parade. Peter said, 'This large site is likely to remain devegetated for many months to come. I'm really concerned about the volumes of silt being discharged from it into Little Bay when there is heavy rainfall.'


Peter is currently active at Little Bay Beach in bushcare, where he is tackling infestations of bitou and lantana. He would love some help at weekends, 'This is vigorous bushcare that is great for physical fitness. A lot can be achieved in a relatively short time and it's very satisfying to see the bitou and lantana rotting in heaps and the beautiful native coastal plants returning to the landscape. If you're a Prince Henry resident, and like gardening and physical exercise, consider trying bushcare. To me, our coastal bushland is a shared garden of great beauty and it responds magnificently to sensitive landcare activity.'

Sunday morning swimming group

Peter is also a keen member of the informal Sunday morning swimming group that meets at 9:30 EVERY Sunday of the year at the foot of the wooden steps. He says, 'It's never too cold to swim at Little Bay, and everyone who takes the plunge feels invigorated by the experience, especially in winter. The swimmers are a fine body of men and women and experienced tellers of tall stories.'

If you'd like to try the tried and tested health tonic of a winter (spring, summer or autumn) swim, just turn up on a Sunday morning at 9:30 − we'll be there at the foot of the wooden steps.

Make a difference − help Peter protect and improve Little Bay Beach and surrounds

If you'd like to help Peter with bushcare or any of his other efforts to protect and improve Little Bay Beach and its surrounds, contact him at