2016 Christmas in July

Little Bay Families | 2016 Christmas in July Party

Little Bay Families Christmas in July Party

The idea started small. Perhaps a picnic in the park? However, when four mums from the Little Bay Mummas Facebook group started working together, the idea grew to a community sized party.

On Sunday 17 July, Veki Trisic, Emma Trehy, Amy Weidlich and Sejal Dayal, along with 180 other mums, dads, grandparents and kids of Little Bay, celebrated a Christmas in July party at the Cottage on the corner of Pine and Ewing Avenues.

Many thanks for the support of local businesses

'We have so many local sponsors to thank for understanding how important this first event was in allowing families to meet in the area,' said Veki Trisic.

Steve Ausling and NG Farah were the first to step up and offer to support the cost of hiring the hall and provide some graphic design assistance. Then Piccola Baia, Food Works, The Green Olive, Little Bay Organics, Site Pizza, Little Lily's, Little Hutong, and 2036 LB Cafe and Bar provided food for the event.

The Coast Centre for Seniors also sponsored the event with a discount on the hall hire.

'A large cast of other volunteer mums and dads helped to set up the party, host wonderful arts and crafts on the day and, crucially, help with the pack up,' said Emma Trehy.

Emma also organised the jumping castle. It was wonderful that Foodworks and the Gilbert Family, sponsored the kids jumping castle.

Local nanny and babysitter Donna Rowe aka 'Dancing Donna', who is also a kids' party entertainer, delighted the kids with facepainting and dancing.

'Donna was the first to arrive and last to leave, with kids loving their Frozen or Spider Man or pirate faces!' said Amy Frasca.

The Little Bay Mummas group would like to thank Reborn Fitness and Dancing Donna for providing additional activities while everyone eagerly awaited a visit from the man in the jolly red suit!

Exciting times for families in such a fabulous community

'When we started to organise the party we had around 60 members in our Facebook group but, after the party, we are now a group of over 90 mums living in Little Bay and wanting to connect with other families.

'It's a very exciting time for our community,' said Amy Weidlich, who founded the group on Facebook. '

'What delighted me was that not only was the actual event on the Sunday a whole lot of fun, before the party, lots of mums and kids met up for craft play dates to help prepare decorations.

'It's through these little meet-ups that friendships are forged.' Amy added.

'We really have fellow Little Bay mum, Sejal Dayal, to thank for putting her contact details on the Prince Henry Community website a couple of years ago, with the idea of a local mothers' group. Without Sejal's community spirit we'd not have met and formed such wonderful friendships.

'Facebook has just given us the ability to scale up and be as inclusive as possible,' said Amy.

Little Bay Mummas plans to continue with smaller events throughout the year.

Find out more

To find out more about Little Bay Mummas, email Veki Trisic at Vedrana@gmx.de.

Message from the web team

The web team is delighted that the event was such a success and that this website may have been the catalyst for the creation of Little Bay Mummas. Well done to all involved.