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If you report a problem as soon as you suspect something is not as it should be, you’ll be doing your bit to help maintain the security and appeal of Prince Henry at Little Bay. The list below has been compiled to ensure you contact the right agency for a particular problem.

Aircraft noise

Children's playground and public parks


Dog owners and their responsibilities

Graffiti and vandalism

Illegal parking

Landscaping and tree lopping

Laundry on balconies / verandahs

Road line markings

Street lights not working

Waste disposal and illegal dumping

Other issues

 Aircraft noise

Airservices is a government-owned corporation providing safe, secure, efficient and environmentally responsible services to the aviation industry. There are a number of ways to lodge a noise complaint – go to Airservices Noise Complaints and Information Service (NCIS) for details.

 Children's playground and public parks

Randwick City Council is responsible for maintaining and upgrading the children's playground and for the maintenance of public parks here at Prince Henry. If you notice a maintenance problem with the children's playground or one of the public parks, please advise Randwick City Council via the Snap Send Solve App. You may also report issues by calling Council on on 02 9093 6000 or 1300 722 542, emailing or filling out a form on Council's website.


If you are the victim of a crime or suspect a crime has or is being committed, you should immediately contact the Maroubra Police on 02 9349 9299, and also advise your strata scheme or neighbourhood association managing agent. Lot owners not included in a strata scheme or neighbourhood association should advise the CA Managing Agent. Alternatively, for emergencies call Emergency on 000. If you prefer not to provide your personal details to the police, you could try contacting Crime Stoppers anonymously.

 Dog owners and their responsibilities

There appears to be an ongoing problem with unleashed dogs on Prince Henry’s streets, in the parks, and on Little Bay Beach. And, a number of Prince Henry residents have complained about dog faeces on pavements, verges and parkland. Although most dog owners clean up after their pets, some don’t, and that results in an unpleasant experience for both Prince Henry residents and visitors.

Check Council's website for information on how to deal with problem dogs and their owners. It‘s important for everyone to know that it’s illegal for dogs to be unleashed on streets, parks or ovals located within the Prince Henry site. In addition, dogs are not permitted on any part of Little Bay Beach, with or without a leash. Before any action can be taken, Council must have the name and address of an offending dog owner.

If you know the name and address of a dog owner who illegally takes their dog to the beach, does not keep the dog on a leash, does not remove the dog's droppings, or anyone you see vandalising the 'Dogs Prohibited' signs, please contact the Council rangers. With the dog owner's name and address, Council's rangers will have the necessary information to allow a Penalty Notice to be issued. The ranger will also check the dog is microchipped and registered to that owner.

There are a number of dog friendly parks relatively close by. Owners are of course expected to have full control of their pets at all times, and to remove their droppings.

For assistance from a ranger, please contact Randwick City Council.

 Graffiti and vandalism

To report an incident of graffiti for removal or vandalism on public property, please contact Randwick City Council

If the graffiti or vandalism relates to an apartment block or private residence, please contact your strata scheme or neighbourhood association managing agent.

 Illegal parking

Commercial vehicles, caravans, boats, trailers

In accordance with our Community Management Statement, parking of commercial vehicles, boats, caravans, trailers, etc is not permitted on a Lot or Community Association property. Such vehicles are to be screened from public view by providing an enclosure located behind a residence or in a garage. Colours, materials and design of the enclosure should complement the main dwelling.

It's important to know that as well as every residential lot, each of the roads within Prince Henry is a lot with its own lot number. Council owns and is responsible for many of the roads within the Prince Henry site. However, as each of those roads is a lot within the Prince Henry site, Prince Henry’s by-laws apply to those lots.

Prince Henry has a community title overlay which means that as well as the usual parking regulations applying to the Randwick municipality, there are specific by-laws contained in the Community Management Statement that apply to all lots within the Prince Henry site, including the roads owned by Council.

Please do not park any vehicles described above on a Lot or in a location where they will be visible from a public road or open space. If you see an illegally parked vehicle, you can help preserve the integrity of the Prince Henry master plan by emailing a photo of the offending vehicle, together with a clear description of the location, to your Strata Scheme or Neighbourhood Association Managing Agent. Lot owners not included in a Strata Scheme or Neighbourhood Association should contact the CA Managing Agent

General parking

Council’s rangers are responsible for enforcing general parking regulations in both residential and commercial areas but cannot be everywhere all of the time. Council has no power to police parking on privately owned property such as vacant lots. If you believe residents or visitors to Prince Henry are parking illegally, please contact Randwick City Council on the following numbers and, staffing levels permitting, your call will be attended to promptly.

The Australian Road Rules about parking are designed with the safety and welfare of all road users in mind. Council urges all drivers to park legally and with care. Remembering to park in accordance with the road rules will also avoid unwanted parking fines.

In addition to parking in restricted areas as detailed on road signs, and parking of vehicles that are over 7.5 metres long for more than one hour, you should contact Council to report on vehicles parked:

  • facing the wrong direction
  • near intersections
  • on nature strips
  • within 10 metres of a pedestrian crossing
  • even across your own driveway

 Landscaping and tree lopping

A proportion of the landscaping is the Trust’s (Crown Lands) responsibility, with Council and the CA responsible for the remainder. Lot owners are responsible for mowing and maintaining perimeter grass nature strips (verges) adjacent to their properties.

Grass nature strip (verge) management

Council has advised that it will maintain public parks and beaches within its area of responsibility but it will not maintain perimeter nature strips (verges) adjacent to privately owned residences and apartment blocks.

Not only are individual lot-owners responsible for mowing perimeter grass nature strips (verges) adjacent to their properties, they must also take responsibility for ongoing maintenance and replacement. This includes re-turfing, weed removal, aerating, applying fertiliser, irrigating, etc.

Strata schemes or neighbourhood associations responsible for larger perimeter nature strip (verge) areas can contact Council for advice and assistance on the best way to manage their particular nature strips (verges) – whether to re-turf, replace existing grass with gravel, mulch, etc. Council may help by providing plants, shrubs, etc, but it reserves the right to determine each case on its merits. A blanket submission from the Community Association on behalf of the entire Prince Henry site would be highly unlikely to succeed.

Council's advice is that grass nature strips (verges) work best, are generally easier to maintain, provide easier access for utility providers (water, electricity, etc), and present less risk of injury to the public.

Although irrigation infrastructure was installed on most verges in the early stages of the development, it was intended to operate only until the trees were mature enough to survive without it. There is no plan for Council to pay for or maintain on-going verge irrigation. Pubic parks will continue to benefit from Council maintained irrigation.

Go to Council’s website for its policy on maintaining verges / nature strips.

Lot owners' obligations

Some lot owners appear to be unaware of their obligations to maintain gardens and nature strips in accordance with the Community Management StatementDesign Principles, and the Prince Henry Design Guidelines.

As a background, the CA's appointed landscaping contractor takes care of maintaining areas the CA is responsible for, Randwick Council maintains most public parks and spaces but does not maintain nature strips (verges), and Crown Lands is responsible for landscaping the lots it owns. 

It's important that all Prince Henry at Little Bay lot owners are fully aware of their individual responsibility to maintain all external landscaping located within their lot, as well as the perimeter nature strips (verges) adjacent to their lot. For details of preferred plantings for on-title landscaping, please refer to the Landscape Design Guidelines (an extract from the Prince Henry Design Guidelines).

Should it be noted that external landscaping and perimeter nature strips (verges) need attention, the CA has the authority under existing by-laws to instruct its contractor to undertake these works, and recover the associated costs from the lot owner. To ensure Prince Henry at Little Bay is maintained appropriately, the CA intends to proceed along these lines.

If the by-law is breached, a notice will be served on the lot owner, strata scheme, or neighbourhood association to comply with the by-law within a specified time frame. If the notice is not complied with, the CA will instruct its contractor to undertake the necessary work and recover the associated costs from the lot owner, strata corporation, or neighbourhood association.

Full details of Prince Henry Community Association by-laws can be found in the Prince Henry Community Management Statement.

Please help our community by reporting any areas of the landscaping that are in need of attention to your strata scheme or neighbourhood association managing agent. Lot owners not included in a strata scheme or neighbourhood association should contact the CA Managing Agent.

Pruning trees located on nature strips (verges)

Tree pruning is Council’s responsibility. If you see a tree that needs pruning, removing, or other maintenance, please advise Council via the Snap Send Solve App. You may also report issues by calling Council on on 02 9093 6000 or 1300 722 542, emailing or filling out a form on Council's website.

Only Council's Tree Gang staff and/or Council approved tree contractors are permitted to undertake works on public trees and both have the requisite qualifications, experience and insurances to undertake those works in a safe and compliant manner.

Removing / pruning trees or shrubs to improve views

This is and always has been a contentious issue here at Prince Henry, and presents a continuing problem. Council has strict rules and regulation relating to removing or pruning trees on public land. Go to Council's website for details.

Removal of trees merely to improve a view is not permitted under any circumstances. However, it’s impossible for Council to prove who did the deed unless someone saw it happen. In certain circumstances, Council may send letters to the owners of properties benefitting from the illegal removal or pruning reminding them of Council’s rules on tree removal / pruning. Penalties can apply.

 Laundry on balconies / verandahs

In accordance with the by-laws contained in the Community Management Statement, clothes lines and drying areas are to be located away from public view. Laundry drying on balconies, verandahs or garden areas visible to the public is not permitted under any circumstances. 

If you live in an apartment and feel the communal drying facilities aren't adequate for your needs, please liaise with your body corporate or managing agent. 

If one of your neighbours is contravening the by-laws by hanging laundry in public view, please contact your strata scheme or neighbourhood association managing agent. Lot owners not included in a strata scheme or neighbourhood association should contact the CA Managing Agent.

 Road line markings

Road line markings at Prince Henry seem to fade very quickly, to the point where they're sometimes almost impossible for drivers to see. This can be a particular problem with visiting drivers who are unfamiliar with the area. Randwick City Council manages road and footpath infrastructure throughout the Randwick local government area. If you have any concerns regarding road surface markings, please contact Randwick City Council via the Snap Send Solve App. You may also report issues by calling Council on on 02 9093 6000 or 1300 722 542, emailing or filling out a form on Council's website.

 Street lights not working

For security and safety reasons, it’s important that the street lighting in and around Prince Henry is always functional. Most of the street lights at Prince Henry are Randwick City Council’s responsibility, with a small proportion, generally those lights located on private roads, being the responsibility of the Community Association. Unless we advise either Council or the CA Managing Agent as soon as we notice a problem, it's possible that an extended period of time will elapse before action is taken. Each street light has its own unique ID number and is clearly labelled as being the responsibility of one of the three entities listed below. Please quote all of the details on the label when you make contact to ensure the problem is attended to promptly:

Randwick City Council

Contact Randwick City Council

Len Robertson Stata and Community Management P/L

Contact the CA Managing Agent.

Community Association D.P. No 270427 Agent Len Robinson Strata

Contact the CA Managing Agent.

Street light not working and doesn't have a label?

Contact the CA Managing Agent providing as much detail as you can to identify the location of the faulty light.

Please do your bit to keep Prince Henry safe and secure!

 Waste disposal and illegal dumping

Responsible waste disposal

Many residents have expressed concern at the way rubbish is blown around Prince Henry, particularly on rubbish collection days. It appears that some residents may be unsure of how to present their bins for collection, while others aren't fully aware of what can and can't be placed in the bins allotted to each residence. It's also been noted that many bins are put out early in the day prior to collection day, rather than the night before. It's important that bins are not left languishing on the kerb for most of the day prior to collection day and that Council regulations are adhered to.

The following list of simple rules has been copied from Council's website to help ensure Prince Henry remains as tidy as possible, your bin collection runs smoothly, and to enable Council's drivers to empty and replace your bins safely:

  • Put bins on the kerb the night before or by 5.30am on the collection day
  • Position the bin with the handles facing your residence
  • Leave at least a 30cm gap between your bins
  • Leave at least one metre between your bin and any obstructions (such as trees, cars or poles)
  • Don't overfill your bin
  • Ensure the bin lid is closed to avoid spills
  • Bins should be returned to your property as soon as possible and not left on the kerb or on the road after collection
  • Bins that are placed on the road pose a risk for drivers and pedestrians and disrupt traffic.

Bins and clean-up collections

Find everything about Council's household waste services, including collection schedules, guidelines for your three coloured bins, and tips for reducing your rubbish on Council's website.

Illegal dumping 

Council has established a special patrol for illegal dumpers of unwanted mattresses, sofas, bric-a-brac, appliances and bags of garden clippings. You can help by contacting Randwick City Council

 Other issues

Problem not listed on this page? Contact your strata scheme or neighbourhood association managing agent. Lot owners not included in a strata scheme or neighbourhood association should contact the CA Managing Agent.



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